Ethos Group at St Stephen's CE Primary School
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Ethos Group

We are the Ethos leaders of St Stephen's CE Primary School. We would like to tell you a little about our Ethos group and the impact that it has had on our wonderful school. Three years ago we chose - alongside our school community - our 6 core Christian values:

"love, forgiveness, friendship, respect, kindness and thankfulness."

All the work we do helps our school and community live out these values.

During the last 3 years, we have taken part in charity events, intergenerational linking projects, community events and school events such as welcoming visitors and leading worship.  We meet each week to work on the value for that half term and decide on the activities we would like to do. We also bring ideas of changes we would like to make, such as raising awareness or helping the community. We then discuss and decide as a team how we can achieve this. We believe that through our school values we have made our school community better citizens and act as good people who love and  help others.
"Learning, loving and growing; together as God's children"