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At St Stephen's we recognise that Science is concerned with children finding out about the world in which they live. It involves children developing knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world about them. We recognise that Science is not merely teaching children a mass of scientific knowledge or content for its own sake, but it is concerned with stimulating the development of a curious and questioning attitude so that children can begin to understand more fully their natural and man-made environments; to begin to appreciate a variety of problems and to develop a frame work for their solution. Attitudes such as curiosity, perseverance and co-operation are also developed through scientific activities.

It is our aim to enable each child to reach their full potential in the study of science. We intend to provide all the pupils with the encouragement and opportunity to participate in a range of scientific activities. Through a variety of teaching methods, we will not only teach the subject knowledge and understanding but also hope to foster within the children positive attitudes towards science and an enjoyment of the subject.

Through the science curriculum we aim to:

  • Foster the development of an enquiring mind and scientific approach to problems.
  • Introduce and foster an enjoyment of science.
  • Stimulate children’s interest in science by providing all children with a breadth of experience which brings together practical skills, concepts, knowledge and understanding from a variety of sources.
  • Value and promote personal achievements and high standards through a variety of scientific activities where achievements can be shared amongst peers, parents and other members of the school community.
  • Develop  an awareness and respect and understanding of  themselves, other living things and the world in which they live.
  • Develop their investigative skills through stimulating practical activities, which will involve children questioning scientific ideas, both individually and through working together.
  • Recognise the individuality of all children and provide for their special needs.
  • To help children acquire scientific knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes, to serve them in the present and prepare them for the future.
  • Help to train children’s minds by developing skills of enquiry, systematic analysis and the testing of evidence.

Our Science curriculum is based on the National curriculum from Y1 to Year 6 and is taught for one hour weekly. Within EYFS the foundations of science are developed through the play based curriculum and a planned half termly focused scientific investigation.  Our approach will take our pupils on a journey of discovery about the world around them. We aim to promote curiosity and build knowledge/understanding through scientific enquiry and engaging big questions.

The specific disciplines of biology, physics and chemistry underpin our curriculum design and pupils will develop their scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding to make sense of the scientific world we live in. Working scientifically is integral to our science curriculum design and is embedded within each unit. This ensures pupils use a range of skills in their scientific enquiries to become inspired and confident scientists.