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As per our Sycamore Church of England Trust Articles of Association and Scheme of Delegation, each school within the Sycamore Church of England Trust has its own Local Academy Committee (LAC), which must have a minimum of 2 parent partners in its membership.

Local Academy Committee's have powers and responsibility delegated to them by the Trust Board of Directors and from the Chief Executive Officer, so that those people closest to a school have the prerogative to work in partnership effectively.

We strongly believe that excellent schools have excellent leadership and management from within.

The Trust has a duty to ensure that it enables excellent leadership in each of our schools through empowerment and support.

The Sycamore Church of England Trust Governance Handbook includes the terms of reference for Local Academy Committees and outlines the code of conduct for partners at all levels.

St Stephen’s Local Academy Committee Members

Current Members
Name Appointed by: Appointed on: Term of Office Responsibilities Pecuniary/Business Interests
Sarah Howard (Chair) Foundation 20/07/21 01/12/23- 19/07/25

Chair/Safeguarding Children/Training & Development Link Governor. Resources Committee. Performance Management / Pay Committee. Policy Committee.

James Roles Foundation  10/21 01/12/23 - 22/10/25

Health & Safety Governor. Resources Committee.

Paul Sanderson Foundation 01/09/19 01/12/23 - 30/11/27

Priest-in-Charge at St Stephen's Church. School Effectiveness and Pupil Welfare Committee (SEPW). Admissions.

Jackie Harris Foundation 01/05/19 01/12/23 - 30/11/27

Local Councillor in the Church Ward. Resources Committee. Performance Management / Pay Committee. Admissions. Bury Governors’ Association Representative.

Lisa McCullough Parent 01/07/22 01/12/23 - 30/06/26

Vice-Chair of Governors/Pupil Premium Governor. Curriculum Committee.

Arshid Nazia Parent  01/07/22 01/12/23 - 30/06/26 Parent Governor Yes
Sally Denney Ex Officio  15/04/24 01/12/23 Headteacher N/A
Elizabeth Taylor  School   18/03/24 - 17/03/28