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0161 764 1132

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24.05.22- Year 5 Campfire

10.05.22- Year 5

We have been studying the Mexican artist ‘Frida Kahlo’, who is best known for her self-portraits. Using materials from our forest school, we created self-portraits in the style of Frida.

26.04.22- Year 5

During Spring term our topic was Ancient Egypt. We have been creative and collaborative when building 3D pyramid structures in the style of Ancient Egyptian pyramids. #ForestSchool

Autumn Tree Picture 12th November 2021

This morning we went to Forest School and read, ‘We’re going on a leaf hunt.’ The children then went off to collect leaves and twigs to make their own Autumn tree picture. Unfortunately the leaves were too wet and didn’t’ stick to our paper so we assembled the twigs and leaves onto our picture instead. The children then enjoyed some time to choose in the different areas.

Woodland Wednesday: 22nd September 2021

We have been reading The Colour Monster this week.  So we went to Forest School and collected leaves to make our own leaf monster. 

Woodland Wednesday: 15th September 2021

This week, the Nursery children collected lots of different coloured berries and leaves. We then chose some of the foraged items to put between a piece of cloth, we used hammers to bash the berries and leaves. It was great seeing the colours of the juice coming out of the fruit. We could see purple, orange, green and pink on our material.  The children the enjoyed squishing and smashing the berries in the nature potions. 

Woodland Wednesday: 8th September 2021

This was our first visit to Forest School.  We talked about the rules and boundaries of Forest School, we sang our Forest School song and then we explored the areas. Some of the children worked together in the den building area to create an ‘excavator’ using the tyres. They also rolled the tyres together to make a tunnel. We then foraged for blackberries and picked two tubs full of juicy blackberries, we are going to cook with them next week. 

Woodland Wednesday: 7th October

 Today Pre-school looked at the bark on the trees. We touched the bark and thought of ways to describe it. We then did some bark rubbings and looked at the patterns we had made. We also used some natural mud paint and made some wonderful pictures. When the children accessed the Forest School provision areas there was lots of pouring and mixing happening in the nature potions. A group of children also worked together to make a hedgehog house, they added sticks for shelter, leaves for a soft bed And one child took a bowl of water over for the hedgehog to drink. 

Woodland Wednesday: 30th September 

Today the Pre-school children were looking at colours in nature. On our way to Forest School we picked leaves, berries and flowers of various colours. We then put them in a cotton square and folded the square over. We then used a mallet to ‘bash’ the leaves. It was very interesting to see the Prints and the colours that were made after the bashing. We also spent some time working on our allotment this week. We cleared the weeds (again) and turned the soil over. It is now ready for planting it in. 

Woodland Wednesday: 23rd September

 This week Pre-school made bird feeders to show the birds how much we love them. We used Cheerios and threaded them onto pipe cleaners. We then twisted it into a love heart shape and put them in the trees for the birds to eat. 

Woodland Wednesday: 16th September 

In Forest School this week the children had to find the musical instruments which had been hidden around the woodland. When the children had found the instruments we came back together for a sing song around the campfire circle. The children then spent some time exploring the areas of provision. We were joined in the mud kitchen by a huge frog. 

Woodland Wednesday: 9th September 

Today, Pre-school had our first visit to Forest School. We spent some time looking at the different colours in nature, we found lots of colourful leaves, berries, bugs and animals. We also had some quiet time in the campfire circle and we listened for sounds. We heard birds singing, leaves rustling, children playing and cars on the road. We then heard and saw a huge chinook helicopter fly above us. During our quiet time a little robin came and hopped beside us which was lovely. 

Nursery enjoyed their final Woodland Wednesday of the year by having their own Forest Festival.  They got their wellies on, glittered their faces and off they went for an afternoon of fun in the forest. First, they enjoyed a campfire; they toasted marshmallows and made s’mores. Then, there was a bubble disco, lots of fun with balloons and a story in the campfire circle to finish off the afternoon. Great fun was had by all! 

Wednesday 26th February 

This week our nursery Wild about Stories session was based around the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We retold the story with some real life howling from the wind. The children then completed a scavenger hunt looking for food to take to Grandma. 

Wednesday 12th February 

This week Nursery retold the story of The Three Little Pigs. We all joined in with the huffs and the puffs and the “not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin!”  It was so windy that we felt like we were being blown around by the real wolf! After the story we explored around the willow and found the pigs in their houses. We then went back to the campfire circle and ate some delicious campfire beans. We had to make a quick dash inside due to a huge hail storm but that didn’t stop us eating the rest of our beans! 

Tuesday 11th February 

Today Year 3/4 were Historical master chefs! They made Anglo-Saxon their own Anglo-Saxon bread!

Nursery’ Woodland Adventures so far this term ... We have taken part in the Big Schools Birdwatch and have also started our topic ‘Wild about stories’. So far we have studied We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and The Gruffalo. The children have loved retelling the stories in a woodland setting. We also enjoyed our campfire treats!

Tuesday 4th February 

During forest school today Year 3/4 have been grinding oats to make flour just like the Anglo-Saxons would have done. Check back next week when we will be making Anglo-Saxon bread!

Monday 3rd February 

Year 1 made wonderful tree boggarts yesterday at Forest School! They pressed clay onto a tree trunk and sculpted a face into it using natural materials, such as sticks, twigs, leaves, stones and bark. What do you think?

Tuesday 28th January 

Today year 3/4 made Anglo-Saxon huts. 

Monday 27th January 

Today we enjoyed 'Muddy Monday' over at Elton Reservoir. We stopped by the shop for some sweetcorn just in case we were lucky enough to meet some feathery friends during our visit. We were looking for different animals and their habitats on our Forest School adventure. Can you see any in our photographs? 

Tuesday 21st January 

During Year 3/4's forest school time this week we used fieldwork to observe and record the human and physical features in the local area using a sketch maps and plans.

Monday 20th January 

Big School's Birdwatch

This week at St Stephen's, Purple class (year 1&2), helped our local birds by taking part in the Big School's Birdwatch, a part of the RSPB organisation. We started by investigating the RSPB website and finding out what we could do to help our birds! First, we made 'fake maggots' from lard and flour to entice our birds into our lovely forest school. We then sat in the quiet wooded area and observed our local bird life. We counted how many different bird species we could spot and made simple recordings of this by using tally charts. Finally, we sent our findings off to the RSPB organisation.  

Here are a list of things you could do to help at home: 

  • Make new wildlife - friendly plants to share the love
  • Become more waterwise when garden - perhaps install a water butt or two
  • Grow trees for wildlife
  • Open up a bird cafe with lots of delicious fruits or seeds
  • Give your mower a rest
  • Hang up a box nest

Monday 20th January 

Year 1 have been building homes for our new visitors. The children worked in pairs to find natural resources and build the perfect home. They were very proud of their finished pieces and worked so well as a team.

As always, (VERY) Muddy Monday finished with the 'Welly Wash'.

Monday 13th January 

This week was our first Forest School session in Year 1. We were looking at different types of trees. We were able to identify some evergreen and deciduous trees in our outdoor environment. Then we had some time to explore, it was very windy and VERY muddy. 

Monday 13th January 2020

Spring Term ~ This term Nursery have lots of exciting Forest School sessions planned. We are going to be making a hedgehog house, taking part in the Big Bird Watch organised by the RSPB and we will be starting our unit of work “Wild about Stories”.  This is where we will experience story telling in the beautiful, natural surroundings of our Forest School. We will be exploring the characters, setting and the plot of several stories and will carry out some Forest School related activities.  We will also be cooking some campfire treats on the fire.  Watch this space! 

Tuesday 14th January 


Today Year 3/4 learnt that we have a responsibility to protect some habitats including our Forest school. So we did a litter pick to help remove anything that could damage the habitat.

Monday 13th January 

Tree Boggarts ALERT!

We pulled our wellies on in Purple Class and headed down to forest school this morning for a very exciting lesson! The children were asked to work in pairs and mould balls of clay onto a tree trunk to form tree boggarts. The children were very creative and used lots of the natural resources in the forest school as features for their boggart's face. 

Tuesday 7th January 

Today Year 3/4 visited our Forest School and we explored and used classification keys to help identify and name a variety of living things in our local environment.

Wednesday 4th December 

This week we have been busy making natural tree decorations. We sliced and dried out oranges; we painted pine cones and pushed pom poms into them. We made bird seed baubles in orange skins; we made cheerio shape hangers and bent them into lots of different shapes. During our Forest School session, we did some pine cone weaving and threaded more cheerio hangers. We then decorated the trees to make them look festive. We thought our trees looked very pretty and also useful for the birds to feed on during the cold weather. 

Wednesday 27th November 2019

Last week it was World Nursery Rhyme Week. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to carry it on this week! Today, Mrs Clift went to Forest School and hid lots of baskets which contained Nursery Rhyme characters and cards. We kept our eyes peeled on the way in and saw lots of baskets. We sat in the campfire circle and then went off in pairs to find one. When we had found the basket, we took it back to our friends. Mrs Smith gave us some clues and we had to guess which character it was. We then sang along and joined in with the actions. We must have been good singers as we were joined by some birds who came to sit in the nearby Elder tree and listened to us! 

Wednesday 20th November 

Lately, the weather has started to turn a little colder. We wanted to do something to help the birds who might start getting hungry now that the berries are disappearing and the worms are hiding underground in the warm soil! We used coconut oil and lard with sunflower seeds to make some pine cone bird feeders. We then hung them around the Forest School area. 

Wednesday 13th November 

On our way to Forest School we collected lots of sticks. When we got there, we looked around to see if we could find shapes in the natural environment. We found circles, squares, rectangles and even some triangles. We then used the sticks to make shapes of our own. 

Wednesday 6th November 

 To celebrate Firework night we made our own stick sparklers. We hunted for sticks, attached some sparkly tinsel and had great fun making big circles and ups and downs with our ‘sparklers’.

Wednesday 30th October 

Today we used a hand drill to make our pumpkins into squirrel feeders. We took the pumpkins to Forest school. We then had a race to see who could collect the most leaves. We filled two big bags up with leaves and then threw the bags in the air to create a leaf storm. We enjoyed kicking and throwing the leaves to create our own leaf storms. 

Wednesday 16th October 

Today we followed a glitter trail left by the Autumn Fairy. We followed the trail and used our information sheets to work out the names of the trees. We had to look at the leaves, the buds, the flowers and the trunk to work out which type of tree it was. We took some of the leaves back to use on the light table.

Wednesday 9th October 

It was wet and windy at Forest School today. We sheltered under a huge tarp and protected ourselves from the weather. We spent some time threading pipe cleaners around the pine cones to make pine cone spiders. On the way back to nursery we splashed through puddles and found a wobbly bit of grass! 

Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Today, Nursery spent some time setting up the continuous areas of provision in the Forest School. We carried the mud for the Mud Kitchen and took the box of books for the Reading Den on a large trolley. It was difficult pulling it through the long, wet grass! We also carried buckets of water for the Nature Potions. Our focused activity for today was making ‘leaf creatures’. The children spent some time collecting items and used them to make creatures. We added our own google eyes and made up names for the creatures. The children always enjoy using the magnifying glasses to look for minibeasts. We found a very hairy caterpillar and a spider joined us whilst we were making our leaf creatures!

Wednesday 25th September 

Nursery have had a really busy afternoon today. First of all they took some time to walk around the nursery garden and then headed up to Forest School to look for autumn treasures. The children observed the changing colours of the trees. They also found hundreds of brightly coloured berries on the trees. 

Then the children worked together, as a team, to start to build a ‘Mini beast Mansion’. Each child added something to the Minibeast hideaway and enjoyed seeing the ‘Mansion’ take shape.

The 'Minibeast Mansion' is already a great hit and we have welcomed our first visitors. Can you spot them in the photographs below? It looks like it is going to be a popular spot!

Wednesday 11th September 

It was Nursery’s first visit to Forest School today. They played games, ran in the trees, rolled tyres, made music, read a story and had a picnic! They also spotted a frog and a tiny newt. I wonder if they will have any visitors next week?