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0161 764 1132

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Welcome Message

Class Teachers: Miss T Ramzan & Miss N Jones
Supported by: Mrs A. Riley & Mrs L Williams

Information for New Reception Starters September 2021... Please see our Prospectus guide attached below. We can not wait to see you in September!

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Welcome to Summer Term 2- 2021

Welcome back to Summer Term! 

Our PE day for this term is Tuesday and the children will be having Games with Miss Helen. Please continue to send your child into school in their PE kits, which should consist of a white t-shirt, black shorts or leggings and black trainers with Velcro (NO SHOE LACES). As the weather is getting warmer children no longer need to wear hoodies etc , so school cardigans/jumpers will be fine.


We will be going to Forest school on a Monday afternoon this term, so please make sure your child has a spare change of clothes in school in case they need to get changed.

We hope you are enjoying our new Bug Club reading, the children have been very excited to see the new books.

Please continue to check Tapestry on a regular basis as this will be our main form of communication. 


Our new topic this term is 'Who lives in a rock pool?'

The children will be learning lots of exciting things, including all about which creatures live on the seashore, beach and in the sea. All about why crabs have shells, as well as the importance of keeping our beaches clean and tidy. 


In RE we will be looking at Special Times and how they are celebrated, remembered and the reasons why. We will also continue with our values of Thankfulness, Love and Faith.







Summer Term 1


Our new topic this term is 'What is a shadow?' Children will be learning all about light and dark, night and day and of course shadows. They will be making observations, asking questions and exploring their environment to find shadows and make shadows.


The children have been busy with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk from making their own Talk for Writing story maps, writing sentences from different parts of the book to acting out the story with props.


In RE this week we have been looking at the Christian value of Compassion. The children have listened to the story of The Good Samaritan, talked about how the Good Samaritan helps others and how the children have helped each other in school this week. The children also listened to a story called 'Fill a Bucket' Here is a link to listen to the story Fill a bucket. The children enjoyed discovering how to fill other peoples buckets with kindess, love and happiness.

The children then made their own buckets and helped their friends to fill them up.


The book of the week is 'Mabel's Magical Garden' by Paula Metcalf. Here is a link to listen to the story Mabel's Magical Garden. The children have enjoyed learning about friendship, growing and kindness in this book.

We have been looking at the religious festival of Ramadan over the past few weeks in class, with the children who celebrate it helping us understand what happens. The children explained to the class the customs and traditions. We looked at the popular  art of Mehndi this week with the children creating their own designs. It has been lovely to see some actual Mehndi too from the celebrations. We hope everyone had a lovely Eid, Eid Mubarak.

We also braved the weather this week and visited Forest School where the children looked at the differences that had occurred in the trees, flowers and wildlife since their last visit. They also got the opportunity to have some fun, climbing the trees and playing in the different areas. 


 This week's book of the week is Night Monkey, Day Monkey' by Julia Donaldson. The children have enjoyed finding out about the different animals that are awake during the day and ones that come out at night. Here is a link to listen to the story Night Monkey Day Monkey.

The children have also been looking at Day and Night this week and discovering what things they can see during the day, as well as during the night.


We have been looking at money in Math's this week, learning all about the different coins that we use, as we'll as counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have also listened to the song ' Sing a Song of Sixpence' which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Here is a link to listen to the song Sing a Song of sixpence


The children have been looking at Shadows this week and have enjoyed a 'Shadow Hunt' around the beautiful school grounds. They liked discovering all about how and why shadows are made, as well as trying to catch their own.

Our book of the week this week has been 'The Gruffalo's Child', by Julia Donaldson. The children have enjoyed seeing how the mouse makes his shadow and the trick he plays with it.

Here is a link to listen to the story The Gruffalo's Child

The children have also been learning their Tricky Words this week, playing some wonderful games to help them remember the words. They have played 'Tricky Word Splat', 'Tricky Trucks' and 'Roundabout Tricky Words'.


The children have had a lovely first week back in the Spring sunshine. We made the most of the lovely weather and went for a 'Signs of Spring' walk to Forest School. The children also enjoyed their first dance class with Miss Katie on Thursday, where they were learning to move their bodies in time with the music as well as learn some dance moves.




Welcome to Spring Term 2021


Book of the week.

The children have been enjoying the story 'Monkey Puzzle' this week and have enjoyed seeing all the different animals that the monkey meets on his journey to find his mum. Here is a link to listen to the story Monkey Puzzle


Reception have also been busily getting ready for Holy week and learning all about the story of Easter. They have made their own palm leaves, drew pictures of loved ones and written prayers to hang on own prayer tree.

The children have turned into gardeners,  growing their own Broad Beans over the last few weeks, with great success! The children have eagerly been watching the roots and stem appear and how the sunshine has helped them to grow. We have sent them home to be potted and can't wait to see how big they grow!


Book of the week

The children have loved reading the book 'Rumble in the Jungle' this week and learning all about different animals that live in the jungle. Here is a link to listen to the story Rumble in the Jungle

As part of out Topic 'Why don't snakes have legs?' we had some very special visitors to EYFS this week. The children enjoyed seeing the snake and Boa Constrictor and the Bearded Dragons and asked lots of sensible questions from what do they eat? to how do the move?

Spring Term 2

This term we will be looking at the topic 'Why don't snakes have legs?'

The children will be finding out all about snakes and why they don't have legs? They will also be looking at other reptiles such as Chameleons  and finding out why they change colour, as well as about reptiles habitats and interesting facts.

We are so excited to welcome back all our children on Monday 8th March!

We have sent you a message on Tapestry with a few reminders, so make sure you take a look.

 This term our PE day will be on a Friday, so please make sure your child comes in to school in their PE kit which should be a polo top, leggings, black tracksuit bottoms or shorts(weather dependent) with  sensible velcro trainers not pumps. School jumpers/cardigans will be fine instead of tracksuit tops or hoodies.

Please also make sure your child is bringing in a labelled water bottle, a book bag and a spare change of school uniform in case of accidents, which will be kept on their peg in a drawstring or small bag.


Take care and stay safe!

See you on Monday :)


The Reception Team 




A very Happy New Year to all our families.

We hope that the new year finds you well and that you have had a relaxing break.


Our PE day this term will continue to be on a Thursday, so please make sure your child comes into school dressed in their PE kit with Velcro trainers. We will (weather permitting) be outside for PE, so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately with long jogging bottoms or leggings.


Please also continue to check your child's Tapestry account regularly, as this with be our main channel of information etc. 

Thank you 

The Reception Team 

Welcome to Autumn Term 2


Welcome back to all our children and families, we hope you have had a restful and safe holiday.  


Please note that Reception's PE day will continue to be a Thursday and we ask that all children come dressed in their PE kits with Velcro trainers for this day.

As we head into Winter, please could you make sure your child comes into school with a waterproof coat that has a hood, as we will be accessing the outdoors as much as we can.

Also check your child's Tapestry account regularly, as this with be our main channel of information etc. 

Thank you 

The Reception Team x




 What a busy start to December!


The children this week have been looking at the book Moonlight Bear by Rosie Wellesley about a little girl who wakes to find her favourite bear has turned into a real  bear and takes her on an adventure around the town at night.


In RE this week we have started looking at the very special Nativity Story. We talked about the different characters and made actions up for each one to help us remember the story. 


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

 The children have also helped to decorate the special, surprise Christmas tree that was delivered. They enjoyed putting the baubles on and talking about their shapes and colours.


We have created a Santa's Workshop in our outdoor area and the children have been busy designing and creating their own toys and presents.

A surprise visitor was caught on our elf cam this week too! The children decided to call him Fred. We are hoping he behaves whilst he is with us!



 This week we have been looking at the book 'Oscar and the Moth' by Geoff Waring. You can listen to the story here.

The children enjoyed reading about how Oscar discovered the differences about light and dark. We looked at our shadows too and the children were amazed to learn about their own shadows and how they were made.


 We started looking at our new Chatterbox this week in RE, talking all about new life and birthdays. The children enjoyed talking about their own birthdays and how they celebrate as well as looking at baby photos of themselves and their class mates.


This week the children have been taking part in World Nursery Rhyme Week. They have been listening and singing to 'The Wheels on the bus', 'Hickory Dickory Dock', 'Five little speckled frogs', 'Miss Polly had a dolly' and 'Old McDonald had a farm'.

We also had a surprise on Tuesday morning, when Humpty Dumpty came to visit us as part of the Nursery Rhyme Week. Unfortunately, Humpty was found broken on the playground floor and we didn't know if he had been pushed or if he fell? The children excitedly set about finding clues and evidence to solve the mystery. We asked members of staff where they were on that particular morning and we made a list of suspects which included; a cat, a mole, a dinosaur and our Caretaker!  After lots of lovely discussions the children discovered that it was... A CAT! 



 Today the children took part in Children In Need. They had to dress up in crazy socks and/or spots. Thank you to all families for their kind donations towards the charity.


This week we have been reading the book 'Star in the Jar' by Sam Hay and Sarah Massini. You can read the book here




We continued with our topic of 'It is Shiny?' this week, with the children sorting items that are shiny and ones that are not. The children had to sort everyday objects, some which were both shiny and not shiny.



On Thursday we talked about Remembrance with our 'Poppy Chatterbox'. The children enjoyed making their own poppies out of plastic bottles as well as paper plates.


This week we have been looking at the book 'How to catch a star' by Oliver Jeffers you can read the story here



We started our new topic this week which is called 'Is it shiny?'


The children went on a hunt around the Reception playground for objects they had to say whether they thought the were shiny or not shiny. 

Remember, Remember the 5th of November...

We looked at Bonfire night this week. Listening to stories, talking about family traditions as well as making 'Edible Sparklers' and making Bonfire pictures.


This week we have been looking at the book Elmer listen to the story here



The children enjoyed making their own Elmer's from different materials.


The children have also been thinking about Harvest and what they are thankful for. The children said they were thankful for their families, the nurses, doctors and hospitals, the farmers and the shops that sell the food.






The rain wasn't very kind to us this week, so we turned our classroom into a dance studio. The children loved learning some new dance moves and joining in with the actions.



This week we have been looking at the book Owl Babies, (listen to the story here) 




The children have really been enjoyed the story about the 3 little owls and painted their own owls with sponges.




Forest School

The children have also had a visit to Forest school to make leaf posies in the gorgeous Autumn sunshine.





We have also been looking at the things we are grateful for this week in our RE Chatterbox sessions. The children said they were thankful for the farmers, nurses and hospitals as well as their families and God.





The children have also made Hedgehog bread this week too as part of our Autumn topic. The children took great care to snip the ready prepared dough with scissors for the spikes and added raisins for the eyes. We hope they enjoyed eating them :) 








Over the past few weeks we have been looking at Phase 1 sounds in our Phonics sessions. The children have been developing their listening and speaking skills in the sessions, laying the foundations for our more formal Phase 2 Phonics sessions that will take place after half-term. The children have been playing games like 'Across the river',  'I went to the shop and I  bought a...', exploring how we say different sounds, as well as starting to orally segment and blend together words like c-a-t. 


Our book of the week this week have been the Rainbow Fish and the children have been really enjoyed the story (listen to the story here)



 We have been looking at patterns in Maths and the children have been busily making their own patterns using our Autumn treasures.  




Welcome to October!


The Children have been very busy this week with lots of wonderful, exciting activities.

Our book of the week has been The Invisible String by Patrice Karst you can read the story here


The children have carefully thought about who their invisible string would reach and have made their own string of hearts.


In RE this week the children have been looking at their RE Chatterbox topic of 'I am Special'.  The children talked about what makes them unique and used mirrors to help them draw their own beautiful faces.



The children also had a visit to Forest School this week to make bird feeders from Cheerios. We have hung them in the trees around our Reception building and hope to see lots of birds.




The children have enjoyed reading the book The Worrysaurus this week.  We looked at how the little dinosaur had worrying feelings that felt like 'butterflies' in his belly. Then we looked at how he chased his worries away by thinking about happy things. We decided that this was a very useful way of getting rid of those  worry 'butterflies' and that we are going to use it when we feel worried next. 


You can listen to the story read by the author Rachel Bright here  The Worrysaurus






The children have been busy painting and making their own butterflies to chase away. They have also made their own 'Happy Bags' and decorated them with things that make them happy as well as a touch of glitter and glitz. 



What a glorious sunny week we have had in Reception. The children have been very busy this week, enjoying lots of fun activities including a super listening walk, as well as having their first PE session. 

Our book of the week has been 'The Colour Monster'  by Anna Llenas and the children have loved exploring how the monster has been feeling. The story describes the little monster's feelings in colours so we have been doing lots of fun activities exploring this. The children have loved joining in with the story with actions to remember the words. See if they can tell you the story? :) 


You can listen to the story here The Colour Monster

The children have also been using the feelings and colours from the story to help describe and talk about their own feelings. Every morning the children put their own stick in the relevant pot to tell us how they are feeling. We talked to the children about why they feeling certain ways and get them to think about how we can make it better. They have become very confident in talking about their feelings.

A very warm welcome to all our children and families who will be joining us in September 2020.

We are all looking forward to seeing you on your first day and we hope you are feeling as excited as we are. We have lots of fun activities ready for you and we can not wait for you to start your learning journey here with us.

If you have any questions please contact us through Tapestry or through the school office and we'll get back to you asap.

Stay safe, take care and see you soon,


The Reception Team x 

For families who are starting Reception in September; Please download the forms below, complete them and send them to the school office via e-mail or post.  Thank you.

 Contact Form 2020.docDownload
 GDPR Consent Form 2020.docDownload
 School uniform letter.docxDownload
 Tapestry Letter.docxDownload
 Uniform Order form.pdfDownload
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Reception Baseline 2020/2021

During the first few weeks of Reception, children are assessed to provide a baseline assessment to enable staff to provide a personalised curriculum for each child.  This September, our Reception children will be taking part in the NFER baseline assessment pilot scheme.  This will provide a snapshot of where pupils are when they arrive at school, enabling us to have a starting point to measure the progress that the children make by the end of Year 6.