Year 2- Green Class


Class teacher – Mrs N Garside

supported by –  Miss S Cooper & Mrs N Bailey 

Welcome to Green Class 2018 - 2019

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Our topic this half term is...

Thursday 14th March 

Thank you to all of the parents who have returned their trip letter. Please ensure that you have signed and sent back your forms before Tuesday 23rd April. We are VERY excited!

Friday 11th January 2019

Friday 21st December 

Thank you for all of your support over the past term. The children have blown us away each and every day! Have a lovely break with your families and we will see you in 2019.

Mrs Garside, Miss Cooper, Mrs Bailey and Miss Booth x

Today has been a fun filled day of celebration with a visit from somebody VERY special. 

Tuesday 11th December 

In Year 2 we have been looking at two amazing artist, Picasso and Munday. Both artists have created some fantastic abstract faces. 

We have tried to create our own versions and we think you will agree that they are amazing.

A big well done to Olivia, Sofia and Blake who have been our Golden Jumper winners so far this term!

Our Good News winners so far have been Alfie, Freya and Harry.  Keep up the good work everyone.  Who will it be this week?

Calling all superheroes!!!!!

Our topic for the first part of the Autumn term is Superheroes.  We will be looking at people who are our real life heroes, heroes from the past and of course, ourselves.  We will be looking in science how to keep our wonderful bodies healthy and happy and how to prevent illness.


We will also be reading the book The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl.

If you had a super power, what would it be?

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all well.  If you need a reminder of any information about Year 2 please check the Autumn term newsletter below, the Meet the Teacher information or please feel free to make an appointment and come and see me.

Mrs Garside

Green Class 2017 - 2018


Welcome to all our children in Green class!

We hope to have a fantastic year in Year Two.

Spring Term 2018

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This terms book! - Ossiri and The Bala Mengro

Friday 20th April

We are sending home a new home learning menu in the next few days - look out for it!

This week we have been so busy reviewing our terms learning in reading, writing and maths! well done to everybody for your hard work and participation.


Friday 16th February


The end of an exciting half term and now time to relax - but no, there is more 'Home Learning' in your child's folder, plus online log-ins for 'Purple Mash' and a maths site called 'Prodigy'. Check them out. Have a look at the menu of home learning and see if you can have a go with your child, should you have time during the break.

The children should now be learning their 2, 5 and 10X tables with the inverse operation.

Don't forget to read each day and check the list of our Year Two 'Common Exception' words.

Have a great week off and thanks for your support!


Friday 9th February 

Thanks to all our families in supporting the children in their class assembly this week. Those who were able to attend saw a fantastic performance from all the children on our theme of 'Peace'

This weeks home learning is to complete as many tasks as possible on the home learning menu sent out a few weeks ago.

In maths this week we have introduced division as the inverse of multiplication.

Have a great weekend.

Friday 2nd February

Thank you to all our families for supporting us this week during our extra special 'Maths week.'

The children have had a great time learning in different ways!

Homework this week has a 'mad minutes test' which should be timed for 5 minutes. Also there is some English work to complete.

Don't forget next Wednesday is our class assembly - if you can come along.


Friday 19th January

 That was a cold wet week!

At least we got in some super learning in our class.

In maths we have been looking at the 2,5 and 10X tables. (See our home learning books) We looked at repeated addition as well as using arrays to show how multiplication works.

We have been reading our book about Ossiri who wants to be a musician but lives in a traveller family and so can't fulfill her dreams.

We will be making some homemade insruments so do send in materials next week.


Friday 12th January


Welcome back to school for a new term and a New Year! Happy 2018 everyone!!

We have had a great learning week in our class.

In English our book this term is 'Ossiri and The Bala Mengro' - ask the children what they think the story is about.

In maths we are just starting multiplication and division. We are currently looking at the 2 x table.

Look out for this weeks Homework activity, it will be English based.



Friday 12th January


Welcome back to school for a new term and a New Year! Happy 2018 everyone!!

We have had a great learning week in our class.

In English our book this term is 'Ossiri and The Bala Mengro' - ask the children what they think the story is about.

In maths we are just starting multiplication and division. We are currently looking at the 2 x table.

Look out for this weeks Homework activity, it will be English based.


Wednesday 20th December


The end of an exciting and hard working term!

Thank you to all our families thet were able to attend our Christmas Fair and Nativity performance. We all thought that the chilrdern were fantastic!

Thank you for your help and support this Term.


Have a safe and Happy Seasonal Celebration and have yourselves a great New Year.

Mr Lawton and Miss Cooper

Friday 1st December


Happy Advent everyone!

So, we have finally got to the First day of December!

We have been so busy rehearsing for our production as well as continuing our super learning. This week we had a 'woodland animal' experience is school so the children got up close to a snake, skunk, hedgehog, owl, rabbit and a tarantula!! The children really enjoyed it.

Don't forget our Christmas Fair is in school next Friday.


Friday 24th November


Wow!! Another week closer to our Christmas celebrations.

We have started to rehearse for our Key Stage 1 production, the children have their scripts and letters will be sent out soon so you can make sure the children know what they will be wearing.

We have continued with maths and english learning during the week and we even had a lesson using Purple Mash to code and programme.

Don't forget next Thursday is non-uniform day in return for cakes for the Christmas Fair.


Friday 17th November


Another great week of learning in Green Class! Well done for getting the attendance award 98%!! We have continued to look at our class book and have been thinking about describing a woodland.

If you are out and about - here and there, this week, please send in items for our woodland display - we already have conkers and pine cones and a few examples of leaves.

Many thanks.



Friday 10th November

We have had a good week which included a woodland walk and starting our new book for this half term. We have also looked at why remembrance day is so important and we have been raising money for the poppy appeal.

It was so nice to meet all the parents who came on parents evening. Thank you so much for making it a positive meeting.


Friday 3rd November

We have had a good first week back after half term. This term we will be going onto the field a lot so the children will need to have a pair of wellingtons in school! Our topic is 'The enchanted woodland'. If you are out and about this weekend please get the children to collect any items they can find relating to a woodland walk!

Have a good weekend and stay safe!


Friday 20th October


We have now finished our work Beegu ! We ended by sending Beegu a postcard.

We think everyone enjoyed this terms 'Moon Zoom' topic.

In maths we have been making number bonds up to 60 using addition and subtraction facts to match them.

Thank you for supporting us in our Harvest Festival.

Have a great half term break.

Friday 13th October


We have had a very busy time this week. We have completed some assessments in English and Maths.

Beegu finally left our classroom after repairing her spaceship, we think she has gone back to her family. Anyway, we intend to send a postcard to her next week!

We completed our topic on our 'man in space'.

In maths we have been subtracting using number lines to help us.

Don't forget it is Harvest next week!


Friday 6th October


Another busy  week in our class!

We have enjoyed making Beegu characters out of play dough. (photographs coming soon!) We made 'LOST' posters to try and find Beegu and we have set up a trap to catch her to help her fix her spaceship and get her home.

In maths we have been adding number bonds to 20 and beyond as well as continuing to write and record numbers up to 100. We have also been looking at sutraction facts.

We have been looking at astronaut Neil Armstrong in our topic work.



Friday 29th September

4 weeks into a busy half term!

This week we have written fantastic character descriptions of an alien friend that Beegu ends up meeting. We also built spaceships for our alien to use!

In maths we have been looking at greater than/less than and using a 100 number square.

What will we do next week?

Thanks for all the junk. I'm in the middle of recycling whats left over!!