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0161 764 1132

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Good Learning Assembly - Friday 10th July 2020

Golden Star Assembly - Monday 6th July 2020

Good Learning Assembly - Friday 3rd July 2020

Golden Star Assembly - Monday 29th June 2020

Here is a new book to read with your children as some are preparing to come back to school... Going Back to School

Join your classmates in our Virtual Sports Day!  Tweet us your results or send them to your class teacher using the Home learning e-mail address.  We would love to see videos and photos of you completing these challenges!

Click here for a book to help your child understand why we stay at home.


Click here for the wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated story by Sophie Marsh, Stay Home Superheroes. This is the story Mrs Parsons read to the children on our last day together in school.

Special thanks to Sophie Marsh for granting permission to use her book and the also the front cover illustration for our home learning certificate. Visit her website at

Click here for your STAY HOME SUPERHERO home learning certificate. Don't forget to send us photographs of you with your certificates to Twitter or by email. 

StayHomeSuperheroes hashtag on TwitterConverting

Easter Activities - Holy Week 

At St Stephen’s, Easter is one of our favourite times of year. We’re sorry that we can’t spend it together with you particularly during these difficult times. Here are a selection of activities perfect to carry out at home during Easter week. You could begin by watching an animated version of the Easter story – The BBC Christian Story of Easter on youtube is a good place to start. Don’t forget to share images or examples of your Easter experiences with us…

Holy Monday

Bake bread as a family and discuss why Jesus called himself the Bread of Life. Point out that though bread sustains us physically, Jesus offers us eternal life and sustains us spiritually.

Holy Tuesday

Make an Easter picture tree

Place a branch in a pot. Ask your children to search through magazines and cut out images that remind them of Jesus. Examples: a lamp, because Jesus is the ‘Light of the World’, or a road, because He is the way to heaven…Glue pictures to card and attach to the tree with string.

Holy Wednesday

Send your children on an Easter treasure hunt. Challenge them to find items that symbolise different parts of the Easter story. E.g. bread for the Last Supper, a rock for the tomb, two sticks for the cross…

Maundy Thursday

Experience your own Maundy Thursday foot-washing ceremony! Grab a bowl of water, some towels and share the story found in John 13: 1-17. Then take turns washing each other’s feet and praying for one another.

Good Friday

You could make a cross out of wood scraps. Ask each family member to write an action from the past week that didn’t make God happy. Fold them and pin them to the cross and discuss how Christians believe that Jesus suffered the punishment for all our sins so that we would not have to. 

Easter Saturday

Take a walk together as a family. Talk about how much Spring reminds us of the new life Jesus gives us. Point out the new signs of life that are starting to appear.

Easter Sunday

Finish off the Easter Story before taking part in an Easter egg hunt.

Personal Physical Challenges

This is a Personal Challenge Passport that has been sent out by our School Sports Organisers.  There are a series of challenges for your child to attempt (according to their age, needs and abilities).  The personal challenge is to improve their score after every attempt.  Good luck and we would love to see your tweets when you are working on a personal challenge.

Chatter Pack

This is a huge list of websites and links that can be accessed free for parents to help provide fun and engaging activities while school is closed.

FieldWork Live Lessons (after Easter)

#Fieldworklive will be a fortnight of FREE live lessons which will take place from Monday 20th April – Friday 1st May 2020, focusing on a range of Geography and Science content aimed at Primary KS2 (Ages 7-11), KS3 (Ages 11-14), GCSE (Ages 14-16) and Progress GCSE to A Level (Ages 16-18).

Chester Zoo Live

Chester Zoo hosting all day live virtual tour - featuring all your favourite animals 

If you can't go to the zoo, they'll bring the zoo to you!

BBC Teach

A range of programmes and activities made by the BBC aimed at primary aged children.  Mrs Parsons favourite is Punctuation Rules!

First News

First News, the UK’s only newspaper for children, is available for a limited time as a free download for parents and pupils. 

Download First News for more stories including a rare blond badger found in Oxford on page 7, and the car-free neighbourhood being built in the Netherlands on page 11! Your pupils can then take part in this week's poll on whether they would like to live in a neighbourhood where bikes are being used instead of cars. Download this issue with accompanying Activity Sheets for free.

Amaven Sports Activities  

In direct response to schools and clubs closing indefinitely, Amaven have launched the 'Young Champions' Online Programme to enable children to continue with their Physical Education and Sports Training at home, via easy to follow videos.

This is available completely free while schools remain closed. It’s open to everybody, so simply register and start using the workouts. They can help children stay energised, active and learn sports skills.

David Walliams Storytime

CLICK HERE for this link.

Carol Vorderman's Maths Activities

CLICK HERE for this link