Our main coaching partners are QFirst Sports.  A locally based company who specialise in a wide variety of sports.  Every year, the PE Coordinator meets to discuss the specific sporting needs of our school.  At this meeting it is decided which sports the school would like curriculum support for and a timetable for the year is agreed.  Sports Funding pays for this Curriculum Support.

This term KS2 girls have been having football training with Emily.  We have had great fun playing 'Coneheads' and 'Crab Football' to help us to learn a variety of skills which will make us all better footballers.


Tuesday lunchtimes are very busy in our playground. 

Our QFirst coach, Elliott, works closely alongside our Year 6 children to support them in developing their Play Leader skills.  This term the children have completed many activities such as, cricket, hockey and ball skills.  The Key Stage 1 children love it because they have lots of fun activities to play at lunchtime and the Key Stage 2 enjoy it because it is giving them the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.