Coaching for Classes

Spring Term 2


EYFS are working with Helen the Gymnastic coach to develop further their skills learnt during the Autumn Term.  They are hoping to work on the large gymnastic equipment which we have in the hall.

Year 3 & 4 have been continuing to develop their Badminton skills with Mr Atkins this term.

Year 5 & 6 are working with the Basketball coach this term.  They are looking forward to learning lots of new skills.

Year 3 have been swimming at Bury Castle Leisure Centre this term.  Children are working at various levels from beginner swimmers to longer distance badges.


Spring Term 1

EYFS have been working with the Basketball coach this term. They have been developing the basic skills of rolling, bouncing, catching, throwing and aiming at a target. 

Key Stage One have been working with Helen on their gymnastics skills. They have been working on the equipment and have been developing their forward rolls and different ways of travelling along the equipment.

Year 3 & 4 have been working on their Badminton skills with Mr Atkins this term.


Autumn term 2

EYFS have Gymnastic coaching with Helen developing their movement skills.  They have been moving in a variety of ways; sliding along a bench, bunny hopping over a bench, rolling.  The children have also been negotiating obstacles, running in and out of cones and jumping through hoops.  The children have also been using the equipment to support them in learning forward rolls, jumping and landing safely.


Year 5 & 6 have continued working with the Badminton coach, Mr Atkins this term.


Autumn Term 1


All three KS1 classes have Rugby Coaching on Tuesday afternoons.

They have been learning about passing skills with a rugby ball, especially passing backwards, and playing games where they have to pull tails out of shorts. Next they will be playing 'Tag' rugby, with belts and tags.


Year 3 & 4 have Gymnastic coaching on Friday mornings with Helen.

They have been working on doing cartwheels over a bench, cartwheels on the floor, forward rolls and putting them all together in a sequence. They have also been learning to use the springboard to jump onto the vault, then doing a tuck jump with a safe landing.


Year 5 & 6 have had Badminton coaching from Mr Atkins this term.  They have been learning how to serve, return, volley and score in a match.