All children in Key Stage 2 are divided into four houses.

These houses are called:





Each September the children in Year 3 become a member of one of the houses in a special assembly.

Then the houses have 'house meetings' when the members of each house elect two house captains from Year 6 who will lead their house through the academic year. . . . 


Our new house captains for the academic year of 2018/19 are...









Angouleme is our team. Angouleme became Bury’s first twin town in 1959. (Bury now has five twin towns!)

Angouleme is a town in France. It became our first twin town, because both towns had the same industries (felt and paper making).

In Bury there is a road called ‘Angouleme Way’, while in Angouleme there is a road called ‘Boulevard de Bury.’ This road also has a red telephone box on it!

There are visits between the towns to make friends.

Our team colour is green.

By Abigail and Rosie 



Our team is Fusiliers. It is a name given to various kinds of soldiers, but our team is named after the Fusiliers who have been based in Bury for centuries. There is a museum about the regiment in the town centre of Bury.

There is also a remembrance garden on Bolton Road that we visit during our annual Remembrance Week.

The Fusiliers colour is red, so that is also our team’s colour!

By Lexi, Abbie, Alaiba and Christopher 





Our team is named after a man called Robert Peel, because he was born on 5th of February 1788, in Bury, Lancashire where we live! Robert Peel lived in Bury for about 4 or 5 years. Local people built a tower called Peel Tower on the top of Holcombe Hill so it overlooks Bury. There is also a statue of Robert Peel in the centre of Bury near the parish church. Robert Peel is most famous for inventing the police and they were called Bobbies or Peelers after him. Later he became Sir Robert Peel and he was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom twice!

Our house colour is blue (after the colour that policemen traditionally wear)

 By Robyn and Teigan 



Our house is Woodbury. Woodbury became Bury’s fourth twin town in 2000.

Woodbury is a town in the United States.

 In 1682 Henry Wood, a Quaker, escaped from religious persecution and sailed to America with his family on a ship.

He had emigrated from Bury, so when he founded a town, he called it Woodbury, after himself and the town where he was born.

Our house's colour is yellow.

By Shola, Hannah, Jack, Reece and Don