Year 3


Class Teacher – Miss. C. Bishop

Supported by –  Mrs T. Brough-Aikin & Miss L. Almond

                             Welcome to Year 3 2017 - 2018

Where we LOVE  learning


Spring Term 2018

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Week Commencing 5th February 2018

Another amazing week in Year 3! So much learning and so much fun. I am blessed to teach such wonderful children who show kindness and resilience every day.


The children have been learning formal methods of multiplication this week, they have wowed me with their maths skills again using their key instant recall facts to help them work out the answers (test them; I'm sure they will amaze you, too).


The class have had a debate this week preparing and delivering considered arguments for and against Arthur taking the perilous journey to the land of the gods!


The children celebrated safer internet day by learning different ways to support them to stay safe online which is so important. 


The children created AMAZING viking armour and weapons!


This week we have started a new class book which we read for 15 minutes daily. We are already on Chapter 18 of the Goosebumps Book - 'A Night in Terror Tower' the children are engrossed in the story and are always disappointed when we get to the end of a chapter. It is lovely to read to them and see their love of literature in return.   




Week Commencing the 15th January 2018

In Topic today we have been using the ipads to create movie trailers about Iceland.

Week Commencing the 8th January 2018

I still can't quite believe we are in 2018! The children have been doing an excellent job of reminding me that it is no longer 2017 when I write the date on the board each morning :-)

Happy New Year to you all and hope you had a peaceful Christmas Holiday.

We have hit the ground running straight away with our learning this week and the children have already produced many fabulous pieces of work.


In maths we have been multiplying and dividing by 3,4 and 8 and it is clear to see that the daily oral starters have rubbed off this class are on fire with their tables and even faster at the inverse! So impressed - keep it up year 3!


In English the children have written some fantastic descriptions of the New Year's Eve London Firework display using a range of writing techniques: metaphors, similes, show not tell sentences, 2 A sentences and personification!  We also started our new book Arthur and the Golden Rope and the children have been delving into the Brownstone family vault, questioning a number of strange artefacts hidden within!


We have introduced our new topic this week of Traders and Raiders and the children have been ordering timelines and researching information about the Vikings. 


There have been some changes to homework this term. In addition to the weekly Maths and English tasks we are also sending out 3 weekly spellings to support how we are teaching spelling within school. Children have also received a  home learning menu. The menu is designed to give the children more choice in their learning and be rewarded whilst doing it. If you have any issues with resourcing items for the homework please speak to myself or Mrs Brough-Aikin.

Autumn Term 2017

This week we got even more gruesome as we learned all about the digestive system from the digestive organs of a sheep!

118 'got your number'  Year 3 Place Value 3 digit problem solving and reasoning - ordering themselves from largest to smallest.


What an amazing start to the year we have had so far in Year 3.

Our topic this half term is burps, bottoms and bile and it is just a gruesome and gory as it sounds!

We started off looking at the functions of teeth and how to look after our teeth. The children used plaque disclosing tablets to show areas on their teeth they may be missing when brushing. The children looked at different types of food packaging and made predictions about which ones would have the most amount of sugar in and which would have the least amount of sugar in. The children then weighed out the sugar and discussed which foods and drinks are healthier options for their bodies and their teeth.

We then went head to head with Year 4 in the Great British Cake off! Year 3 baked a healthier sugarless cake and Year 4 made a sugar cake. Our amazing healthy option sugar free cake won the taste test down to our excellent baking skills.

 We then did the egg shell experiment where we tested the effects of different drinks on egg shell which represented tooth enamel. The conclusion - sugary drinks rot your teeth. The children decided they needed to make healthier choices when choosing drinks and become more vigilant when brushing their teeth especially after sugary food and drinks.