Year 3


Class Teacher – Miss. C. Bishop

Supported by –  Mrs T. Brough-Aikin & Miss L. Almond

                             Welcome to Year 3 2017 - 2018

Where we LOVE  learning


This week we got even more gruesome as we learned all about the digestive system from the digestive organs of a sheep! 

118 'got your number'  Year 3 Place Value 3 digit problem solving and reasoning - ordering themselves from largest to smallest.


What an amazing start to the year we have had so far in Year 3.

Our topic this half term is burps, bottoms and bile and it is just a gruesome and gory as it sounds!

We started off looking at the functions of teeth and how to look after our teeth. The children used plaque disclosing tablets to show areas on their teeth they may be missing when brushing. The children looked at different types of food packaging and made predictions about which ones would have the most amount of sugar in and which would have the least amount of sugar in. The children then weighed out the sugar and discussed which foods and drinks are healthier options for their bodies and their teeth.

We then went head to head with Year 4 in the Great British Cake off! Year 3 baked a healthier sugarless cake and Year 4 made a sugar cake. Our amazing healthy option sugar free cake won the taste test down to our excellent baking skills.

 We then did the egg shell experiment where we tested the effects of different drinks on egg shell which represented tooth enamel. The conclusion - sugary drinks rot your teeth. The children decided they needed to make healthier choices when choosing drinks and become more vigilant when brushing their teeth especially after sugary food and drinks.