Class teacher – Mrs. L. Smith

Nursery Manager – Mrs. K. Clift

supported by –  Mrs. L. Williams

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Welcome to Nursery 2016 - 2017

              Come and have breakfast with us!

Wednesday 19th July

The Early Years Team would like to invite you for breakfast! The end of the school year is nearly here. Let’s celebrate all of our achievements together over croissants and ‘bucks fizz’. We will be opening the doors for breakfast at 8.30am, we hope you can join us!

The Early Years Team x

Pirate Day

Today our children transformed into Pirates.  

This morning we took over the school!  We marched into the big playground, played on the Adventure Trail and had a Pirate Picnic in the trees.  It was great fun!

Summer Term

Today we took part in a Live Body Workout with the famous Body Coach Joe Wicks.  Lots of schools all over the country took part.

 Click on the link below to have a go at home.  If you listen carefully at around 24 minutes you will hear our own very special St Stephen's message.

As part of our 1960s week celebrating our school building's 50th birthday.  Nursery have been dancing along to "Shake a Tail Feather".  We have also watched some children's television programmes from the 1960s, Yogi Bear, The Flintstones, The Jetsons and many more!  Watch our groovy moves here!

Spring Term 2017

We are preparing for Easter in Nursery. We have been walking around school looking for signs of Spring, we saw daffodils growing, new leaves growing on the trees, magpies building their nests and sunny weather.  We have investigated eggs, what they look like, feel like and how chicks develop.  We decorated eggs and rolled them down the hill in the junior playground.  We also looked at the effect of soaking raw eggs in vinegar.  We looked at how the egg shell changed from being hard to being soft and rubbery.  We made the raw eggs bounce.  Then we dropped them and watched them burst!

For the second part of the term we have been learning about Castles and Dragons.  We have dressed up as knights, princesses and dragons and played in our role play castle.  We have talked about 3D shapes, learnt their names and talked about their features, we have used them to build our own shape castles.  We also talked about the painting 'Castle and Sun' by Paul Klee.  We then printed our own 'Castle and Sun' shape picture by using the 3D shapes to print 2D shapes.  We explored a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activity of making a lolly stick catapult.  We had great fun using lots of different objects to fire at the castle.

This term we read the story of the Gruffalo.  We had a camping role play area with a tent, a barbecue and a camping stove to pretend we were camping in the Gruffalo Forest. On National Hippo Day.  We thought about what it would be like to be a hippo and play in the mud.  We went for a muddy walk and had great fun on the mud slide.  We also talked about St Valentine's Day and talked about the people we love.  We made love potions and cards.  We also had love heart jam sandwiches at snack time and took a small gift home for the people we love.

Autumn Term 2016

We are having lots of fun settling into Nursery.  We have picked apples from the tree and made yummy biscuits.  We have made friendship handprints.  We are meeting new friends and having lots of fun outdoors.