Welcome to Reception

2017 ~ 2018

  Class teacher - Miss Dunbar Class teacher - Mrs Fairclough

supported by - Mrs Keegan,  Mrs Fitton, Miss Murray & Mrs Bostock


By the end of this week we will have learnt all our Set 1 sounds. These include 25 single sounds and 6 digraphs.(2 letters = 2 new sound)

How many do you know?

(This is an old video - we will rerecord this with this year's children soon.)

Look at our wonderful Remembrance Day display. We made poppies to pay our respect to all of the soldiers. 

Some of the children spotted a rainbow this morning . They were very excited!

'When it rains, look for rainbows.

When it's dark, look for stars.'

Friday 3rd November

This week we have been thinking about Fireworks. We been thinking about all the colours and patterns fireworks make. We have also been thinking carefully how to be safe watching fireworks and bonfires.

We even got to see some fireworks!

Thank you to all the parents who have shared their Autumn Walk selfies and treasures. The children have loved sharing their bags of treasures and we have now got two Autumn trays for our hedgehogs and squirrels to play in.

After singing about our pumpkins in Thursday's Harvest Service we had lots of pumpkin fun on Friday.

First we helped Mrs Fairclough scooping out the first pumpkin, chopping the pumpkin as well as potatoes, carrots and onions, to make pumpkin soup. It was delicious! We even shared it with parents at home time.

We then had fun with Mrs Fitton scooping out the rest of the pumpkins. We found as many seeds as we could - they felt gooey and slimy and were tricky to keep hold of.

We then washed the seed and laid them out to dry. Now we have lots of seeds for counting. We are also going to save some seeds to plant next year to grow more pumpkins.

Both Red Class and Blue Class have been collecting reward marbles. We have been earning marbles for working hard, helping our friends, having a go and lots of other things. When our marble jar reaches the top we have earned a class treat. Both classes filled their jar yesterday and both classes chose a trip to the big playground for fun on the adventure trail. 

This week we will be think what we would like for our next treat ......

Blue class having fun.

We even visited the giant story chair to hear about George the Giant.

Red class had lots of fun on the adventure trail. Very well deserved! 

Today we met Lucy from PQA. We did lots of drama and singing, it was great fun! 

      This week we are looking at doubles.

Our Golden Jumper winners this week are..

Our first topic is all about friends, making new friends and being a good friend.


This week we have been making the most of the Autumn sunshine. We have been making potions and perfumes, collecting sweetcorn from our vegetable patch, making dens, the list goes on! We LOVE learning outdoors, engaging with nature and creating those vital outdoor experiences.

           World Smile Day 2017

You're never fully dressed without a SMILE! Every day is World Smile day in Reception. 


The Reception staff have taken some new photographs for our entrance display....

Parent Challenge - Well done to all the parents who have uploaded their photographs - the children have loved sharing them with their friends.

The challenge is still open - can you help your child to take a "Snapchat Selfie" and upload it to their Learning Journal on Tapestry?

Our book of the week is ......

Friday 29th September

Here are just a few things we got up to last week....

We have really enjoyed the book "Kevin". It is about invisible friends and whether it is fair to blame them when things go wrong. We made a huge Kevin and we tweeted the author Rob Biddulph a question - and he replied! check out our tweet on twitter. https://twitter.com/StStephens_Bury

"Everyone is different, this much is true.

What you like, and what you don't, it's really up to you!"

Our book got us thinking about what we like and what we don't like.

What a busy, busy week!

Making friends and having fun. 

Blue Class

Red Class