Year 1- Orange Class

Class Teacher- Miss R Dunbar

Supported by- Mrs H Keegan 

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Tuesday 4th September is going to be an AMAZING day. 

Friday 10th August 

Our first topic of the school year is 'Superheroes'. Both me and Mrs Keegan are VERY excited!

Let’s put on our capes and discover our superpowers as we search for an answer to the question, ‘What is a superhero?’

Our Power of Reading book during our first half term in Year 1 will be...

Orange Class 2017-2018

Wriggle and Crawl

Caterpillar Cam!

  1. Day 9~ Nearly all the caterpillars have created their chrysalis.  They are in a process called metamorphosis. Hopefully by the end of next week we will be able to set our butterflies free.  We know our butterflies will be Painted Ladies but did you know there are 17,000 different types of butterfly?

Day 8~The caterpillars are looking ready to make their ‘j’ shape for them to turn into a chrysalis.  We need to be very careful now not to disturb this process.  We want 5 healthy butterflies. We still need some name ideas...

Day 7~ The caterpillars are very active today. 

Day 5 and 6~ The caterpillars spent the weekend at home with Mrs Garside.  The children were shocked this morning to see how much they have grown over the weekend.  We are hoping our crawly friends will soon create their chysalides which means we will be able to see our butterflies emerge before half term. 

Day 4~ We can’t believe how much they have grown in a short space of time.

Did you know that caterpillars have 16 legs?

Day 3~We need to name our caterpillars.  Can you suggest a name for one of our crawly creatures?

Did you know that caterpillars shed their skin several times as they grow.  Can you spot some bits of caterpillar skin on the top of their home?

Day 2~Getting bigger everyday.

On Friday some special guests arrived in our class.  We have 5 baby caterpillars.  We will be watching them grow and change.  We will be sharing updates here on our class page.  Have a look at the first video.  

Our topic this half term is Wriggle and Crawl, we have already started to look at minibeasts.  We went on a minibeast hunt and we saw worms, slugs, snails, spiders, beetles, woodlice, ants and bees.  We  have discussed habitats and why some creatures choose to live in different places.  

Our text this half term is 10 Things To Help My World.  It tells us what we can do to help our world stay healthy and a beautiful place to live.  In class we are thinking about what we can do to keep our little part of the planet happy and safe for all of God's creatures.

  • We would just like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely mums. Have a super day.

World Book Day.

Wow! How fantastic do the children look?! Well done everybody! 


Friday 9th March 2018

Today, we conducted a science investigation.  In class we have been thinking about different materials and their properties.  

A gingerbread man needed an umbrella.  He needed to know which materials he could use to make one so he would remain dry and safe in the rain.

We tested cling film, tin foil, tissue, kitchen towel and plastic.

Unfortunately, some gingerbread men were squashy by the end of the experiment.  We did, however, find some ideal materials for a waterproof umbrella.  

Just a reminder that our Home Learning Menu activities are due in this week.  We are really looking forward to celebrating your child’s home learning with you.  Children will receive a new menu after half term, full of even more exciting learning challenges.

Reading books will continue to be changed on a Monday and Thursday and our weekly home learning challenges will be sent home on a Friday to be returned the following Wednesday.  

Thank you for continued support.

Spring Term 2018

CLICK HERE to download this half term's Home Learning Menu

Thank you everyone who came to our open maths lesson.  It was lovely to see our parents enjoying maths with their children.  This half term we have been working on doubles and halves as well as number bonds to ten and twenty.  Children have really worked hard.  Have a look at us in action.

This week we have been experimenting with instruments.  We had to try them out and make lots of noise.  Some instruments needed a beater to make the noise, some of them we had to shake.  It was lots of fun!

Our Spring 1 topic is Beat, Band, Boogie.  We have been creating some rhythm patterns.  We had to do a lot of clapping, stomping and knee tapping.  We worked in groups and then performed our rhythm patterns to the rest of the class.

Our English text this half term is called Ossiri and the Bala Mengro and we have been really interested to discover more about Ossiri and her lifestyle.  Ossiri wants to learn to play an instrument but her dad has said no. We have been predicting what could happen next in the story. How will Ossiri fulfil her dream?


Lots of children have been telling me all about their home learning and I am looking forward to seeing all of their hard work.  This work does not have to be returned to school until the 12th February but thank you to all parents and carers for their support with these activities. I can tell the children have been enjoying them.  Remember, the more the children complete the more Dojo points they receive!





Our Topic this half term is Moon Zoom.  We have been learning all about space and aliens.  

By chance an alien rocket ship crash landed in our playground.  We have hunted high and low but we have not seen any sign of the alien creature.  

We have been busy in class making clay aliens, shape rockets and enjoying the book Aliens Love Underpants.

Please visit again soon for pictures of our adventures.

Please try to read at home with your child every night, not only will it help with all aspects of their learning but it may help Orange Class to win the school reading award.