Year 1- Orange Class

Class Teacher- Miss R Dunbar

Supported by- Mrs H Keegan 

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Monday 3rd December 

Thank you to all of our amazing families for bringing in a decoration to add to our class tree. The children enjoyed gifting their decoration to a friend following our theme of giving during Advent. The children decorated our tree with all of their sparkly gifts and it looks beautiful!

Our golden jumper winner this week is...

As we arrived at school this morning we noticed a HUGE sack of gifts underneath our tree! We figured it was a little too soon for Santa to have paid us a visit. As we began to look in the sack we noticed that each gift was labelled with a date. We found one with '3rd December' written on it and opened it. Just imagine how amazing it would be if we had a new book every single day! We are feeling very lucky in Year 1.

Monday 26th November 

Our golden jumper winner this week is...

Friday 16th November 

Another week of awesome learning and making memories in Year 1...

Is there anything better than being outdoors? Year 1 think not! This week we have been developing our wonderful outdoor area. We have had a very busy week planning, measuring and planting trees we received from Woodland Trust. 

Our Golden Jumper winner this week is...

Tuesday 6th November 

Our golden jumper winner is...

Monday 5th November 

We have been learning all about fire safety which naturally opened up the opportunity for a camp fire and... TOASTING MARSHMALLOWS- YUM!

Monday 5th November 

Our vegetable patch 

Today we harvested our vegetables from our vegetable patch. We planted them all the way back in Reception. Miss Dunbar and Mrs Keegan think we have great harvesting skills. 

Thursday 1st November 

Tuesday 30th October 

Our first golden jumper winner this half term is...

Thursday 18th October 2018

Our Cornerstones topic next half term will be 'Muck, Mess and Mixture'. 

Muck and mess is good! In fact, it's mega-marvelous!

Pour, mix, stir and splat! We will be diving straight in with our hands AND feet. Keep an eye on our class page for updates on our messy learning adventure. 

Our Power of Reading text next half term will be...

Can you believe we're at the end of our first half term in Year 1? Time has flown by and we have already made so many wonderful memories. Thank you to all of our families for your support so far, we really appreciate it.

Have a wonderful break, we will see you all very soon.

Miss Dunbar and Mrs Keegan x

Today we performed in Year 5's Harvest show. Here is a little snippet of how well we performed. Miss Dunbar and Mrs Keegan were very proud. 

Wednesday 17th October 

Today is Daily Mile Celebration Day! The children enjoyed dressing up for the Daily Mile and stopping at the selfie station for some fun photographs. More memories made in Year 1!

Monday 15th October 

Our Golden Jumper winner this week is...

Dance Class with Miss Katie has been a blast!

The children have REALLY impressed both me and Miss Katie with their dance skills and confidence.

Monday 9th October 

Year 1 won the attendance award! Well done, let’s see if we can keep the trophy for another week. 

             Our Golden Jumper winner this week is...

Tuesday 2nd October 

Our Golden Jumper winner this week is...

Autumn is here!

Today Year 1 have been on a Autumn walk around our school and have taken lots of photographs of their finds. They were very good at spotting signs of Autumn and even collected some Autumn treasures which they shared with their friends in class.

The children worked together and used their photographs to create an Autumn collage on the IPads. We have some real IT talent in Year 1. Here are just a  few of our masterpieces...

Friday 28th September

What a fantastic week FULL to the brim with new and exciting learning. Year 1, Miss Dunbar and Mrs Keegan think...

This week we have been taking part in 'Spell for Success Week' to help to raise money for Parkinson's UK. The children have absolutely blown me and Mrs Keegan away with their spelling. The children worked as part of a team during this week and supported each other while earning team points.

Meet our winning team...

Year 1 have been thinking about what makes them 'super'.

Our Golden Jumper winner this week is...

Wednesday 19th September 

The children in year 1 have been learning all about their super senses. Today the children felt and tasted some mystery items and had to identify them without using their sight. 

Monday 17th  September 

Our Golden Jumper winner this week is...

Monday 17th September 

Year 1 have been using charcoal to recreate the stormy scene from our Power of Reading book. Charcoal can be VERY messy. 

Monday 10th September 

Our Golden Jumper winner this week is... 

Thursday 6th September 

Super Year 1 to the rescue

Somebody had been into our classroom while we were outside and stole our crown! Never fear, Year 1 are here! The children were able to follow the clues left behind and use their super senses to save the day. 

Super Year 1 were VERY happy about saving the day.

Tuesday 4th September 

Super Year 1!

What an awesome first day!

Today we volunteered for jobs in and around our classroom. These roles will change every half-term as we are all very eager to feed our pet fish , Nemo. Together we will continue to ensure our classroom is the best it can be. 

Tuesday 4th September is going to be an AMAZING day. 

Friday 10th August 

Our first topic of the school year is 'Superheroes'. Both me and Mrs Keegan are VERY excited!

Let’s put on our capes and discover our superpowers as we search for an answer to the question, ‘What is a superhero?’

Our Power of Reading book during our first half term in Year 1 will be...