RE at St. Stephen's

Religious Education is taught throughout the school. We focus on Christian values and use the Blackburn Diocese agreed syllabus for RE as the basis for our teaching. We celebrate a variety of religious festivals throughout the school year and enjoy strong links with St Stephen's Church and Bolton Road Methodist Church. 

Through teaching religious education at St Stephen's, we provide opportunities for spiritual
development. Children consider and respond to questions concerning the meaning and purpose of
life. We help them to recognise the difference between right and wrong through the study of moral
and ethical questions. We enhance their social development by helping them to build a sense of
identity in our multicultural society. Children explore issues of religious faith and Christian values and, in so doing, they develop their knowledge and understanding of the cultural context of their own lives.


Our Christian Value for Spring term 2018 is 'Peace' 

Peace has a range of meanings, from silence to the ending of a war.

Peace is something most people long for - an end to hatred, hurting and even harmful noise.

But why is peace so hard to find? Are we frightened of silence? Are we incapable of living peacefully with each other, especially with those who are different from us?

Finding and making peace is hard work and once it is found, it needs to be guarded very carefully.

Children are introduced to the idea of peace when:

  • they experience true silence
  • they make up with friends after a row
  • they see people working together and burying their differences
  • they hear about war and peace in their history lessons or on TV
  • they hear about wars still going on today

Children at St Stephen's will be exploring peace through collective worship and RE lessons throughout the term.

We have been enjoying singing 'Peace like a River' in collective worship this week. 


Our Christian Value for Autumn term 2017 is 'Service'.

The parable of the Good Samaritan shows we should serve those in need, whoever they are. Such service is not offered to gain advantage for ourselves. 'Going the extra mile' involves sacrifice, putting ourselves out for someone else's benefit.

Demonstrating Service 

In Year 5 the children have enjoyed taking part in an art project called 'Art to Heart' with Miss Long from Elton High School. We plan to produce artwork for the prayer area in the hall. Children have been chosen to attend Burrswood Care Home in Bury where they have taken part in art classes with some of the elderly residents.